Top 5: Rolling Luggage - Which One Suits Me Best?

Luggage is an essential part of your trip. It does not matter if you are traveling just for a couple of days, weeks or months, you will need reliable luggage. There are many different types and sizes of luggage that you can choose according to your requirements. Everyone wants reliable luggage that will assist them through many train rides, flights or any kind of travel. Many people these days choose spinning luggage because you do not have to carry half of the weight on your arms, however, they cannot move in every direction and are unreliable on many surfaces. Rolling luggage isn’t that comfortable for the long trips with heavy suitcases weighting 30kg or more. However, they are more reliable, can be rolled through many different surfaces and are easy to maneuver. So, how to choose the best rolling luggage that would last through many different travels? We created a list with 5 of the best rolling luggage on Amazon.

1. Rockland Luggage

This 2 piece rolling luggage is made of heavy-duty EVA-molded Hi-count fabric which is resistant for any weather and is reliable for any types of traveling. It has a clear in-line skate wheel system which allows a smooth ride on any surface. Rockland rolling luggage has three internal pockets for everyone’s needs, so your stuff doesn't have to be all in one section.

Characteristics: Light carry-on, 48cm height, 33 cm wide and 20 cm depth.

It has over 2000 positive reviews on Amazon and the price starts at around $30.

2. U.S Traveler New Yorker

This 4 piece rolling luggage is crafted from shiny dobby and durable fabric with PVC backing. It has an easy glide push button handle system and it can be expanded up to 25% packing capacity. U.S Traveler New Yorker luggage has fully lined interior with pockets so your stuff is organized. It's carry handles grip allows easy lifting. Luggage has inline skate wheels which ensure effortless rolling. You can choose between different colors and the price on Amazon starts at around $90.

It has over 1600 positive reviews on Amazon and is one of the best rolling luggage in the market.

3. American Tourister Splash

A type of rolling luggage that has inline skate wheels that are made of polyurethane to minimize frictional resistance for smooth rolling. Its retractable handle ensures easy maneuverability and gives you the possibility to lift the luggage easily or carry it when rolling is unnecessary. American Tourister Splash has cross straps that secure your luggage and its content, keeps your stuff organized and it also prevents your stuff from taking damage. It has multiple pockets and a big front panel for extra organization.

This lightweight luggage has over 300 positive reviews on Amazon and its price starts at about $70.

4. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook

This three-piece rolling luggage has ultra light-weight construction, multiple interiors and exterior pockets that will keep your stuff well organized and a push-button locking handle that ensures easy maneuverability. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook has inline skate wheels that are made of polyurethane with ball bearings which allow your luggage smooth rolling. Its smart sleeve on tote ensures an easy trip. You can choose between three colors.

This luggage set has over 1500 positive reviews on Amazon, its price starts at around $55 and it is one of the best rolling luggage in the market.

5. Travelers Choice Travel Select Amsterdam

This rolling luggage is made of durable and superior 1200D two-tone polyester. Its elegant, has fully imprinted lining and its big interior show pockets make sure your things are well organized. Travelers Choice Travel Select Amsterdam luggage is very elastic so you can put more stuff. It also has an adjustable padded shoulder strap in case rolling is not an option. This luggage weighs 3.6 kg, is 63cm in height, 38cm wide and 22 cm in depth.

You can choose between 4 colors, its price starts at around $47 and it has over 500 positive reviews on Amazon.


Choosing the best rolling luggage can be quite difficult if you haven’t had any before, but you should always start with the thought: "What kind of luggage do I need?". If you usually travel just for a couple of days, choose to carry on sets of one or two pieces, but if you are planning a long trip, where you will need a lot of different clothes, shoes, and other things, buy bigger sets of 3 or 4 pieces so you will have enough space for everything. Before buying any luggage check its dimensions, because every luggage has different capacity and weights.

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